Alex Otti: Peter Obi right on the money he left in anambara


The Labour Party (LP) governorship candidate for Abia State, Alex Otti has eliminated any confusion on the discussion over the cash the party’s presidential candidate; Peter Obi said he left as Governor of Anambra state, proclaiming that the previous Anambra CEO was directly in his case.

Otti who was the CEO (Chief) of Diamond Bank then said he administered the exchange and knew about the venture made for the state.

Talking in Enugu Otti said it has become essential for him to talk on the issue.

He said, “Let me talk about our presidential candidate, one reason I need to talk about him is that in the media, there have been allegations and counter allegations about the cash he left in Anambra state and as a member around then in 2013, 2014, I like to again rehash that Peter Obi left the cash he said he left.

“Also, I had recorded it in my last page article that I thought of approximately quite a while back on the eighth of June, 2020. I turned out to be the President of Diamondl Bank around then and he (Obi) came to my office, he needed to leave the cash in real money and we said no, we planned and said we’ll put the cash in Euro Securities. I for one assisted him with trading naira to dollar around 155 million bucks which were put resources into the level two capital of a portion of the banks and afterward in some Euro Bonds, some of them have developments up to 2023, so a portion of the monies have not developed.“So it is important that I clear this, so if you do have access to ThisDay, June 8, 2020, Monday, I titled it “The triumph of profligacy over prudence,” and I used that back page to celebrate Peter Obi and as at that time I didn’t know that the two of us will be on the same platform and contesting election today.”Otti approached Nigerians to embrace Obi and decision in favor of him to remove the country from the unavoidable risk confronting her.

He said, “Let us see Peter Obi project not as a South Eastern project, not as Igbo project, but this is a Nigerian project. We are in a situation where if we do not elect Peter Obi, we’ll be in deep soup.

“Our debt profile today is about N104 billion, unemployment rate 33.3 per cent, poverty level over 52 per cent, 133 million people out of the 200 million people live below poverty line of less than one dollar per day, we must do things differently.” 

Speaking to the leadership of his party he said, “Ss Labour Party, we need to now get more organized because we must win the Presidential, governorship, House of Assembly, House of Representatives and Senatorial elections that we field people in. So since we must win, we must organize ourselves and if you have contested election before you will know that when people are talking about structure what basically they are talking about is organization.

“You may have votes everywhere but if you have not organized yourself in such a manner that you can harness the votes, the result may surprise you. The leaders of the party, I charge you to sit down and begin to plan the election. Rallies are very good, they mobilize people, they create awareness but I must add that rallies do not win elections. So what win the elections will be the votes.

“We must speak to the voters, a lot of them are still not very well educated, we must have people in every polling unit to secure not just the votes but the voters also because I can tell you that our opponents are strategizing. And part of their strategy would be if we cannot win this election then we need to destabilize it. So on that election day some people will come purposely to destabilize voting in different polling units, so we must be prepared for that.”

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