“Atiku is not only a criminal but a criminal that should be arrested and also be jailed”-Femi Fani Fayode

Chief femi fani fayode in an interview on Monday revealed that The Peoples Democratic Party Presidential candidate [PDP] Atiku Abubakar is not only a thief but a thief that should be jailed

chief Femi Fani Fayode who happens to be the Director Media of All Progressive Congress [APC] after commending the courage of the whistle blower and also his colleagues present at the interview with him ,he went further to say “This is a very serious issue and its an issue that touches and concerns the nature of society that we are in and its very painful for me particularly but when i heard the voice of the former vice president and of the government which i served talking about SPVS and slashed funds and syphoning money and a clever way to steal and i asked myself why is it that some people can do this with such impunity and nothing happens to them while some would have done nothing and something bad would happen to them, and this is not the society that we want or worked for and i want to say clearly and categorically and from that audio tape alone its is clear that Atiku Abubakar is a criminal and a criminal not only to be arrested but also to be jailed he has brought disgrace to everything that the Obasanjo regime worked for he has crumbled it he has made it clear that so many bad things where going on behind the scenes and this is unacceptable to me and to other people both in PDP today and in APC today that where in any way linked to that administration so for me there is a great outrage about this sort of thing and also this a very serious serious information the life of the whistle blower is at stake”

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