My structure is to demolish those structures that have impoverished Nigeria: Peter obi on his visit to Chatham House

LP candidate peter obi on his visit to chatham house london

The Labour Party presidential Candidate Mr peter obi on his visit to Chatham house vowed to eliminate those structures which has kept Nigeria in its current position

He revealed this in a question & answer session in Chatham house, where he was asked how he will tackle “the big boys who are selling generators” and in his reply he said ” let me assure you on what we are campaigning on ,you’ve heard them say we don’t have structure, that is the structure we are trying to destroy, structure of criminality. That is what i mentioned that Nigeria is being held captive, that structure is structure that has impoverished Nigeria, we will dismantle it , it will not be there i assure you of that”

Speaking further also on one of the issues affecting Nigeria which is its power sector the Lp candidate said we will turn around the power sector he said Nigeria generates about 5-6 thousand megawatts of electricity for 200 million people and south Africa the second biggest in terms of economy in the continent generates about 40 -50 thousand megawatts for an economy of 60 million people and south Africa in the past three months has declared emergency in power and said anybody can generate up to 100 megawatts without license after much comparison the Lp candidate said i will declare war on power anybody who stands on the way so be it . Further more on addressing the issue of foreign investment he said “its simple, foreign investor is like bee and honey, all you need is secret honey and the way he will find its place is very simple, foreign capital is scared of corruption is scared of broad policies is scared of where there is no rule of law you need to put up an environment that makes is conducive and that is what im offering, we will build that intangible asset of securing the country, making sure that we govern two rule of law we, will fight corruption.

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