Ogun man bashes car, kills owner for complaining

Men of the Ogun State Police Order have captured a 26-year-elderly person, Adeyemi Babatunde, for purportedly killing a 46-year-old driver, Obafunsho Ismail, over a minor contention.

The episode happened on December 8, 2022, around 8pm when the suspect, who drove a Lexus SUV with a modified number plate, Olu of Oya, hit the deceased’s vehicle from the back and made harm the vehicle.

The state Police Advertising Official, SP Abimbola Oyeyemi, in an explanation on Thursday, said, “The deceased, Ismail Obafunsho, there and afterward descended from his vehicle and requested that the suspect come down for them to survey the degree of the harm to track down an answer for it.“But the suspect, Adeyemi Babatunde, refused to come down from his vehicle and was making effort to run away.“This infuriated the deceased, who insisted that the suspect must come down, and he consequently sat on the bonnet of the suspect’s car in order to prevent him from escaping from the scene.

“The suspect later came down and warned the deceased to leave the bonnet of his car if he did not want to waste his life.

“He then went back to the car and drove at top speed which made the deceased fall down from the car, and the car ran over him. Not satisfied, the suspect also reversed the vehicle and ran over the deceased again to ensure that he actually died.

“After completing the act, he ran away with the vehicle.

“He was later traced to his father’s house at Kemta Idi aba area of Abeokuta, where he was arrested by men of the State Motor Traffic Division on December 20, 2022; the vehicle he used to commit the crime was recovered to the station as well.”The PPRO said the Chief of Police, Lanre Bankole, had requested that the suspect be moved to homicide part of the State Criminal Examination Division for additional examination and arraignment.

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